About Xana's Custom Designs

How we started...From the beginning of our journey

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Pippa. I used to work as a support worker in mental health, until two years ago when I had a breakdown. To rebuild myself I started designing Christmas items and was over the moon when they sold. This built my confidence loads. 

I then felt if I could do that why stop there, so now I have a registered business which specialises in customised items. Anything from window and wall vinyls to wedding keepsakes. 

We are a small family business currently but want to aspire and build to be much more. In honour of my first born daughter we changed the name of the business so it was apart of her, you may have guessed her name is Xana :) (said Zana) time is flying shes already over 15months!


ANYHOW... It all started with a latch hook and a rose. 


Any information that you may need feel free to contact us on the below information. We would love to hear from you. 


Lots of Love

What We Do!

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